wedding garter sets where to buy garter at Bleu Garters

This isn’t Bleu Garters’ first rodeo, but it is our first relaunch (natch, we're still celebrating). We were founded in 2007 with the mission of updating an outdated bridal accessory: the bridal garter.  So, we did exactly that. We invented the TIE GARTER with a unique technique to prevent it from shimmying down your leg during the rhumba (or the limbo, if that’s your thing). We incorporated drool-worthy laces and intricate beading, paving the road for other bridal accessory companies to follow suit. Now, the wedding garter market offers some pretty spectacular leg-candy, and we’re proud to say that we spurred the revolution.

This fall, we’ll get back to offering you our luxury tie garters and custom styles.  In the meantime, we’ve created a line of super cute, gift-ready bridal garters at an accessible price point.  We hope you think they’re as lovely as we do.

bridal garter sets where to buy garter at Bleu Garters

there's a lot of special here.

made by A FASHION DESIGNER FOR REAL LIFE BRIDES in real life love.

Bleu Garters' founder and designer Jaime Lawson's most favorite thing to do is to create special moments for special people. In fact, it's all she ever wants to do.

Our aim here at Bleu Garters is to provide you with a bridal accessory that not only fits perfectly into your personal wedding style, but also spurs a special moment on your special day. A moment where you take time to celebrate your femininity and the incredible woman you've become, a moment shared with the beautiful females you've chosen to surround yourself with while you get ready to say I do.


the 24 hour bridal garter test

Perfection takes time.

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We're pretty confident we've built the perfect wedding garter. With years of experience in the bridal industry, designing everything from custom wedding gowns to beaded headpieces to full-length lace capes, we know a thing or two not only about what brides like to wear, but also about how to make comfortable products that brides will wear in real life. We've experimented with every trimming under the sun, and worn bridal garters around our house for 24 hours to test durability, looking for a product that will move with us, not be worn on us. The result? Our most comfortable bridal garters, lovingly-invented using the most secure techniques, made out of the most delicate fabrics. Try one. You'll see.

unique wedding garters gifts for bridal showers


We didn't get here without your help - and we're so grateful to you for that. Bleu Garters products have been worn by actresses for television, popstars for stage performances and music videos, models for magazine photo shoots and runway events, and celebrities for red carpet events. They've even been permanently tattooed on women's legs! But most importantly, they've been worn by hundreds of brides. Ever have a request, a complaint, or a recommendation? We'd love to hear from you - drop us a line!


our brand philosophy


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We've been around for a while, and we've learned what makes a brand special: its users. YOU. That's why we're starting a movement to celebrate real brides and their real weddings. In an age of over-photoshopped, unrealistic pictures of an unachievable reality, we're bringing things back down to earth with an immersion of photos from real brides and their real weddings.  They're also wearing real bridal garters, too.  We're so excited to highlight and celebrate the life you gave to your Bleu Garter, and the memory it made for you.

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team garter vs. team bare legs


We know that a wedding garter isn't necessary. We hope a Bleu Garter gives you a special moment, a mini-celebration, if you will, and that you choose to have this moment. If bridal garters aren't your thing, though, or a wedding garter just won't fit under your dress, don't worry - we have you in mind and are in the midst of designing new products, as well as working on a relaunch of our headpieces and sashes.

wedding garter lace gifts for bridal showers

Stay tuned - we have exciting things coming.