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The MiA (Made in America) Project, founded by Bleu Garters’ designer Jaime Lawson, is a digital and physical platform dedicated to American designers and manufacturers.

Through behind-the-scenes interviews, educational content, events, and a robust E-commerce store, The MiA Project joyfully brings the creator and the consumer together.

Clockwise, from top left: artist Jenny Pennywood, Cade&Co baby shoes, The MiA Shop apothecary products, A Question of Eagles ceramics, MATTEO factory, Almond Surfboards & Designs


America is experiencing a renaissance in design and production.

Iacoli & McAllister

Iacoli & McAllister

There’s also a palpable shift in consumerism. We see it when we walk the steadily growing farmers markets in cities across the nation; we read about it in high-trafficked blogs covering the people behind some of our favorite businesses; and we feel it with every customer, American designer and supporter we interact with. The enthusiasm and actions taken continue to shift away from disposable behaviors and toward thoughtful purchases.


With rediscovered attention on thoughtful purchasing behavior, increasingly more consumers want to understand what constitutes American-made, and where to find these items. They want to know what economies they’re fueling and the people and stories behind the items they buy.


American designers and manufacturers are overcoming business challenges and pressures to outsource. They, along with consumers, value what has steadily diminished since the Golden Era: high-quality, long lasting products; slower consumption; and American job creation. 

The MiA Project, featuring  mother denim  and  Pendleton

The MiA Project, featuring mother denim and Pendleton

The dye shop in  Nanette Lepore's  NYC design studio

The dye shop in Nanette Lepore's NYC design studio

Your purchases are your voice

The money you spend – whether on food, on clothing, or on furniture – makes you a veritable powerhouse. Your purchases catalyze some of the most dense issues on the globe: human rights and labor laws, sustainability, job creation or elimination, and preservation or degradation of materials. With a swipe of a card or an exchange of a bill, you send a signal of support to the people behind the purchase, the issues behind the purchase, and so much more.





The Made in America Project

One place we can begin addressing this is within our own country. Manufacturing industries that once flourished here need strengthening, as they were decimated by the desire to operate as cheaply as possible, no matter the true cost. Together, we can support American businesses and artists. Consumerism has to reach a new consciousness around the globe, and The MiA Project is starting here in America.





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Norman Russell Denim

Norman Russell Denim