12 Tips to Have the Best "Getting Ready for Your Wedding" Party

The time spent getting ready with your gals before your wedding is just as special as your bridal shower.

It’s full of excitement and anticipation, spent with your bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law, and anyone who wants to drop by. Why not put a little planning into it to make sure it goes smoothly?

Here’s a checklist to follow to ensure you don’t have to think about a thing and can just enjoy the day.


1. Consider your getting ready room

Nothing can spoil a getting ready party faster than a cramped room, limited mirror space, uncontrollable temperature, terrible lighting, or a funky smell. Make sure your room will be large enough not only for the ladies getting ready with you, but also for them to hang and steam their dresses, for food and snacks, for visitors stopping by, and for a photographer to roam around and take photos. You’ll want an area with a good sized window with natural light for makeup. Consider air conditioning or a heater if you think it might be necessary. If the room is low on mirrors, have your girls bring extra makeup mirrors. And finally, if you’re sensitive to smells, bring a lovely scented candle.

2. Make a timeline

It’s so easy to get carried away with the fun festivities and lose track of time… and there’s nothing worse than being rushed with your hair and makeup. Build plenty of extra time into your timeline, and make sure to include time when you can sit and enjoy the company of your favorite ladies.

3. Brunch or lunch

There’ll be a group of you getting ready together, and you’ll need fuel to keep your energy up. Have a bridesmaid explore some local delivery options around town ahead of time. Together, you can choose the best option, plan the meal, and she can be in charge of ordering the food and having it delivered on the day of. Don’t forget to include everyone that will be with you getting ready, the hair and makeup artists, and a couple extra servings for anyone that may drop by in need of some snacking.

4. Speaking of snacking… SNACKS

In addition to brunch or lunch, you’ll want to have some snacks available all the time. You (or your ladies!) may be a bit too nervous for a full meal, and that’s where snacks come in. Think low salt, but filling: nuts, fresh fruit, hummus and crackers, cheese, protein bars. Skip the salsa - the fewer opportunities for last minute stains, the better! Gum and mints are a plus, too.


5. Refreshments

Make sure to have a well stocked refreshment area. You’ll want to begin hydrating early in the day before you put on your dress. The more hydrated you can be before your wedding, the less time you’ll spend running back and forth to the restroom and attempting the challenging feat with your dress. In addition to water, sparkling water, juice, etc, don’t forget some bubbly to celebrate!

6. Tip envelopes

If you hire professionals to help you and your bridesmaids get ready, have cash and tip envelopes on hand.

7. Music

Cue up some great Spotify or Pandora stations with good energy music. Make sure there is a decent speaker in the area. If not, you’ll want to bring a bluetooth portable speaker.


8. Gifts for your Maids

If you haven’t already given your bridesmaids their gifts, now is the time.

9. Dress prep

Hang your dress and veil up at the beginning of the day. They may need to be steamed, or just hung for a few hours to release any remaining wrinkles. If you’re sure you will need a dress steaming, arrange it with the hotel well in advance so they’re prepared. Ask your bridesmaids and mother if they will need to have their dresses steamed as well.


10. Make sure the area has plenty of outlets

Along with hair styling tools, you may need an outlet for a steamer or iron, a music speaker, and phone charging for your crew. If your room is low on outlets, bring a power strip.

11. Transportation to the venue

If you won’t be getting ready at the same location as your ceremony, pre-plan transportation to the venue for everyone. If you’ll be using Uber or Lyft, check around the area ahead of time, on the same day of the week you’ll be needing it and around the same time, to make sure there are usually plenty of cars available.

12. Packing up

If you only have your getting-ready suite rented for the day of, have everyone help pack up well before it’s time to leave. If you have a lot of gear, the hotel can hold it for you in their luggage storage room so you don’t have to worry about it.


The more you’re able to plan and prepare, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the time getting ready for your wedding with your favorite gals.