Movies To Watch When You're Engaged

Some things are just better when you’re engaged.

If you haven’t yet discovered that wedding movies are even better when you’re engaged, give it a try! Since you have a lot of ground to cover, we’ll cut to the chase… break out your pj’s, grab some popcorn and wine, and settle in with your sweetie.

Check out our favorite movies to watch when you’re engaged, organized to suit your mood, natch.


If you’re nervous about dealing with in-laws while wedding planning:


If you need a laugh-till-you-cry flick:


If you want to get lost in a classic fantasy movie… and then listen to an addictive soundtrack over and over again:


If you’re in the mood for a light-hearted chick flick:


If you’re in the mood to watch someone else’s unconventional journey to the altar:


If you can’t get out of work mode, but need a transition back to romance-town, follow these boss babes on their path to wedded bliss:


What’d we miss?? Any movies about weddings that you love to watch while being engaged? Let us know at