All Of Your Wedding Garter Questions Answered

Wedding garters often come with their own set of queries!  Which leg is the bridal garter worn on?  What exactly is a wedding garter set?  Should the wedding garter be a bridal shower gift from bridesmaids?  Check out our most frequent and pressing bridal garter FAQ here.


Q: Which leg do I wear my bridal garter on?

A: Whichever is most comfortable to you!  We've read and heard both answers... the left leg because your ring goes on your left hand... your left leg is closer to your heart... your right leg because it feels more natural to right handed folks.  Because the bridal garter was historically worn on both legs for functionality purposes, there is no traditional right vs. left leg answer.  Just make sure your toss garter (if you have one) is worn on the same leg as your keepsake bridal garter, and well below your keepsake bridal garter so that your groom grabs the correct garter to throw!


Q: What is a toss garter?  Do I need one?

A: A toss garter is a secondary garter your wear in addition to your primary bridal garter. It is the garter that is tossed during the wedding garter toss at your wedding reception.  You should consider purchasing one if you'd like to do a wedding garter toss and retain a garter as a wedding memento.

Bleu Garters  Lollypop wedding garter set , including a coordinating toss garter

Bleu Garters Lollypop wedding garter set, including a coordinating toss garter

Q: I want to do the traditional garter toss, but don't want to lose my bridal garter! What should i do?

A: Purchase a toss garter! That way you can keep your primary wedding garter - it makes a lovely keepsake from your wedding day. And again, make sure your groom knows you'll be wearing two bridal garters, and that he should only grab the lower one!


Q: What exactly is a wedding garter set?

A: A wedding garter set is a bridal garter that you would like to keep as a memento, and a toss bridal garter for the wedding garter toss.  If you purchase a wedding garter set from Bleu Garters, your keepsake garter and your toss garter are coordinating-- perfect for a beautiful bridal garter photos!


Q: How far up my leg should my bridal garter sit?

A: Usually, brides find the wedding garter most comfortable when it's about 6" above the knee.  Choose a spot on your leg that is most comfortable for you- every leg is different.  When your bridal garter is worn high up on the leg, it can potentially rub against your inner thighs.  If you wear a toss garter, don't wear it too far up your leg either - no need to have your groom digging underneath your wedding dress that long!

Bleu Garters  Macaron wedding garter , worn about 6" above the knee.

Bleu Garters Macaron wedding garter, worn about 6" above the knee.

Q: I'm scared my wedding garter won't stay up on my leg for the whole night! How do I test it?

A: It will, trust us! If you'd like reassurance, though, wear your bridal garter around your house though the evening and see how it feels. If for any reason it begins to shimmy down your leg or feel loose, you can take it to any tailor and have them take it in a smidge (an easy, cheap, and quick alteration).


Q: How will I know if my bridal garter will show through my wedding dress?  I don't want a lumpy looking leg!

A: Feel free to email us a photo of your wedding dress and we'll try to advise you. Usually, most wedding dresses with layers of crinoline, or a thicker fabric, or a structure that sits away from your thigh, won't show a bridal garter.

Bleu bridal garters  fit under many wedding dress styles.

Bleu bridal garters fit under many wedding dress styles.


Q: Where the heck did the bridal garter toss tradition come from?

A: We thought you'd ask!  The fun tradition of tossing the bridal garter is one of the oldest wedding traditions, with roots back in the Dark Ages.  Read about the history of the wedding garter here.


Q: What music should I have playing for the wedding garter toss?

A: Stay tuned for next week's article-- we'll have plenty of song suggestions perfect for the wedding garter toss!


Q: Do I buy my own bridal garter, or should it be a gift from my Maid of Honor?

A: Whatever you like-- there is no set tradition here.  A bridal garters makes a perfect bridal shower gift or bachelorette party gift.  Some brides view it as more of a bridal accessory than a gift, though, and love choosing their own!  


Bleu Garters  Truffle satin bow ivory bridal garter  with the  Congratulations, darling!  gift box

Bleu Garters Truffle satin bow ivory bridal garter with the Congratulations, darling! gift box

Do you have a bridal garter question we didn't answer here?  We'd love to hear it--email us or reach out on instagram or Facebook with your wedding questions!  Additionally, check our FAQ page, where we answer questions specific to Bleu Garters products.


Happy tossing!

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