We Chose Your Garter Toss Song So You Don't Have To.

Because, ugh, decisions.

If you’re in the middle of planning a wedding, we’re guessing you’re pretty tired of making decisions. Yes, everything you get to choose is fun, and most of the time there is no wrong answer… maybe that’s what makes it hard to choose!

Among the myriad of choices to be made, song selection is one of the toughest. There are so many great songs for meaningful moments. A bad song can put a damper on things. Everyone has a different opinion. Ugh. Why. Is. This. So. Hard?!

We’re going to try to make your wedding garter toss song selection easy… or easier, at least. We’ve grouped our top bridal garter toss songs into a few different categories below. Find the description that suits you, and now you only have to choose from one of a couple different songs.

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Prepare to have your wedding planning life simplified….

  1. Buy a wedding garter and toss garter

  2. Choose the song category below that most suits you

  3. Decide between the songs in the category for your bridal garter toss song (or make a remix?!)

  4. Enjoy a glass of wine with your newly found time that it would have taken you to find and choose a wedding garter toss song without this helpful guide

Bridal Garter Toss Songs for your Wedding.jpg

If you want a classic wedding garter toss song:


If you like country, just go with this one. No decision needed.


If people call you Maverick, you’re into jogging, and your friends are like your family:


If you’re a music buff and want a classic upbeat song, you can’t go wrong with one of these:


If David Lee Roth doing a split jump is LIFE:


If you’re going for GOAT status with your dance floor moves to hunt down that garter, choose one of these:


If you’re keeping it lighthearted and just want something groovy but not extra:


If you live in 2019 but you found your mojo in 2002:


If you want the toss to be theatric, you have a 500+ black tie wedding, or you don’t want your Grandmother to blush:


If your friends will only get on the dance floor when it’s lit AF:


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