Beauty Products for Brides: Stop the Stress

Preparing for a wedding includes a barrage of "really tough" activities: cake tastings, dress shopping, champagne selection... I know, I know... it's hard. But for every bachelorette party dress to shop for, there's a reception table seating chart to be completed.  For every table seating chart, there's a complex and unknown formula for somehow pleasing everyone from your in-laws-to-be to your highschool friends. So don't be afraid to amp up your beauty routine with de-stressers-- you'll need them (or at the least, you'll want them!).  We're calling out some of our favorite small-batch, indie cool, all natural apothecary products here. Treat yo'self, or sneak them on your bridal shower gift wish list!

Sooth Your Wedding Stress With Love

Small batch apothecary darling Fig & Yarrow makes these lovely love salts.  All natural with a delicious scent, they're a perfect way to melt off wedding planning stress. It also makes a perfect bridal shower gift., $12-$32.

A Pick-Me-Up (ie After the Bachelorette Party)

There'll be some groggy mornings after engagement and bridal celebrations... clean 'er up in a hurry with this refreshing morning-after kit, and bring one for your bachelorette partiers.  A delightful rose oil for face, hair, and body, along with dry shampoo foam and finishing cream makes perking up a snap., $22

For Your Inner Mermaid

An organic body scrub composed of Atlantic sea salt, nourishing butters, and fruit oils that works to gently exfoliate, detoxify, and moisturize the skin. This minty scrub from French Girl Organics is equal parts revitalizing and moisturizing, and works great to keep your gams smooth for your bridal garter!, $38

Clean Like A Cat

This moisturizing Pink Rose Clay Facial Soap from Meow Meow Tweet is your ticket to clean.  Scented with lovely light florals, including rose and lavender, if this doesn't make you purrrr in relaxation mode, we're not sure what will., $12

So. Many. Awards.

This uber-popular mask works wonders, especially for an all-natural product.  Good for all skin types, it's a natural clarifying and cooling gel mask that gently exfoliates, smooths, and resurfaces skin - a great step to add your pre-bridal-shower routine.  $48.

Rose Blossom Body Oil

Lovingly handcrafted with rose essential oil and organic red rose petals. Open a bottle, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and see with the heart what the rose has to tell you. And then tend to those seating charts., $24.

Have A Cocktail.

When the stress of wedding planning takes a toll, throw on some Stewart and Claire lip balm and imagine that you're drinking a Negroni, Old Fashioned, or blue Tiki cocktail while moisturizing that pout. These fun lip balms make great bachelorette party gifts, too!, $12.

Best Scent Ever.

Marble & Milkweed's Orange Blossom Butter smells incredible thanks to organic Moroccan neroli, organic ylang ylang from Madagascar, and organic coconut pulp from Sri Lanka -- all of which lend their dreamy, tropical scents to this delicately floral butter.  Pack a travel size in your honeymoon suitcase!, $18-$36.

Apothecary for your mood.

Recharge your mind and spirit with this group of aromatherapy treatments.  Highly concentrated essential oil blends from tried and true brand Tata Harper are formulated to target stress, irritability, energy and relaxation., $240.


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You got this.

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