9 Things To Do Right After You Get Engaged

You just got engaged! Congratulations!!

Now what? Take a deep breath, enjoy every moment, and take it all in.

To ensure your engagement begins smoothly, do the below 9 things before entering hardcore wedding planning mode.

1. Tell your loved ones before social media escapades.

This is a pretty obvious one, but hey, when you’re in the moment and overwhelmed with excitement, emotion defies reason and you may reach for your phone to instastory your new fiancé and your ring before thinking things through. We’re guessing your close family and besties would love to hear about your engagement from you first, though, so ring them up before you take a ring selfie. Besides, the look on their face when you tell them is SO much better than a comment on instagram.


2. Get a mani.

There’s a pretty good chance your nails won’t be on point when you get engaged unless you’re one for regular manicures. Freshly manicured nails will make that sparkly ring look even better (is that even possible!?!). Treat yourself to an indulgent manicure at that new salon you’ve been eyeing, and while you’re at it have a glass of champs.

3. Make sure your ring is safe.

It doesn’t hurt to take a trip to the jeweler to make sure your ring is properly sized. Additionally, you’ll want to insure the ring and have the prongs checked every year.

4. Get ready to tell your engagement story over and over.

Everyone will want to know the details of your engagement. Like, every. Little. Detail. Enjoy telling the story - it’s your story, completely unique, and will give you the feels every time you tell it. If, after you’ve told everyone, that’s still not enough, consider submitting your story to How They Asked, a website that highlights heartfelt engagement stories. And don’t forget to talk about your courtship and engagement on your wedding website later on!

Photo credit:    NST pictures

Photo credit: NST pictures

5. Flip through all the mags.

Head to the store and pick up national and local wedding magazines. The national ones (like Brides and Martha Stewart Weddings) are great for overall inspo, and the local mags will give you countless vendor suggestions. Thinking about a destination wedding already? Go online to order your destination’s local wedding magazine.

There’s no pressure to begin wedding planning yet, but it never hurts to start checking out different ideas. Let your imagination run wild and have fun - is collecting too much inspiration even possible??

6. Watch wedding movies from a whole new perspective.

TV shows and movies about weddings will now seem even more exciting as you relate to them on a deeper level. Father of the Bride and Say Yes To The Dress marathons? Bring it on.

7. Start thinking about an engagement party!

Shortly after you get engaged, you’ll want to decide if you’ll be having an engagement party. Some people prefer to forgo this and save cash for the wedding, and others love to celebrate along the way. Talk things through with your fiancé and both sets of parents before making a decision.


8. Don’t ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen just yet.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about who you’d like to include in your wedding party for a while now. Don’t get too excited and spill the beans early, as things can change when your wedding planning gets underway. Wouldn’t it be the worst to “take back” a bridesmaid invitation? You may find your perfect wedding venue can only fit a limited amount of wedding party at the altar with you, or maybe a friendship will drift apart in the time during your engagement. So try not to get ahead of yourself.

9. ENJOY your engagement.

Before starting a Pinterest board or wedding planning, take a hot minute to enjoy this new stage of your relationship. Engagement is one of the most exciting and wonderful times in your life - savor every bit of it. This means, of course, that you’ll have to become a pro at deflecting prodding wedding questions. When your friends ask about a wedding date as soon as you tell them your engagement story, be direct and let them know you’re taking your time and enjoying this moment before diving into wedding planning madness.

Photo credit:    Glamour South Africa

Photo credit: Glamour South Africa

There’s nothing like that just-got-engaged bliss and the excitement of all the celebrations to come - enjoy every minute of it. Doing the above 9 things will help you milk it for all it’s worth!

Banner photo credit: A Tale Ahead Photography