About the founder

Bleu Garters founder Jaime Lawson

Bleu Garters founder Jaime Lawson

I find inspiration everywhere, but especially in knowing what brings joy to the diverse individuals in my life; in the intensely different cultures I’ve experienced throughout my travels; and in the long lasting ceremonial traditions embraced by weddings around the world, as well as in my own backyard of southern California. 

I created Bleu Garters for people interested in a contemporary twist on traditions. Not a way that neglects the past, but a way fueled by excitement to make your wedding celebrations more “you”. Our intention is to add unique and enhanced beauty to your life.

Keeping production in America is incredibly important to me. Here at Bleu Garters, we abide by sustainable practices, and manufacture in America whenever possible. 

I believe that weddings are not only a time to celebrate a marriage, but also a time to celebrate the individuals they’ve become, and for the bride, her feminine spirit. There is nothing I want more than to enhance this celebration for as many people as I can.

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Creating moments and worlds. Taking cues from the antique, the modern, the flamboyant, the muted, the textured, the colorful, the sophisticated, the organic. Listening to cultural shifts and responding with innovative progression. 
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Founder Jaime Lawson earned her Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design and immediately began working for Luly Yang Couture, designing custom bridal and evening wear for individual bridal clients as well as runway shows.  She became a Wardrobe Stylist for fashion, celebrity, and advertising photography, working for corporate heavy-hitters like Nordstrom, BMW, and Qualcomm, amongst many others. Jaime later spent time working for the intensely creative and ambitious company Rodarte.

Prior to her career in fashion, Jaime was a ballerina, trained by Ballet Arizona. She received her B.A. in Physics from the University of San Diego, and was accepted into NASA’s Zero-Gravity Flight program, experimenting aboard their parabolic flying plane. After obtaining a U.S.A. government security clearance, Jaime worked for Raytheon designing missile and navigation systems for U.S. Navy ships.

Jaime currently lives in Los Angeles. In addition to running Bleu Garters, she founded The MiA (Made in America) Project, a platform to celebrate and shop American-made goods. She continues to work as a wardrobe stylist and creative director.