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8 unique wedding garter designs

a contemporary wedding tradition waiting to become a warm and fuzzy memory, created for real brides in real life love.

Bleu Garters modern bridal garters for the contemporary bride.

3 gift-ready bridal garter box designs

our dainty and playful gift box designs will charm your socks off: unconventional and un-square, with all the feels.

bridal garters wedding shower gift idea

all you have to do is choose

mix and match your favorite bridal garter and box combination, and we'll mail it to the bride-to-be, all wrapped up.  That's right, we wrap all of our boxes. It's like a gift in a gift in a gift, with no added charge.

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

Photo by Meg Smith Photography

This isn’t Bleu Garters’ first rodeo.

We were founded in 2007 with the mission of updating an outdated bridal accessory, the wedding garter.  So, we did exactly that. We invented the TIE GARTER with a unique technique to prevent it from shimmying down your leg during the rhumba (or the limbo, if that’s your thing). We incorporated drool-worthy laces and intricate beading, paving the road for other bridal accessory companies to follow suit. Now the bridal garter market offers some pretty spectacular leg-candy, and we’re proud to say that we spurred the revolution.


This fall, we’ll get back to offering you our luxury tie garters and custom styles.  In the meantime, we’ve created a line of super cute, gift-ready bridal garters at an accessible price point.  We hope you think they’re as cute as we do. 

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